Everything You Want to Know About WSOP

The highest expression of competitive poker, the World Series of Poker represents an essential step in the career of all those players who aspire to play poker at professional levels.

Despite the great ambitions that gave birth to the project. The great popularity of the World Series of Poker only came thirty years after its inception, when the event came under the eyes of the online poker community and was successful. To merge with everyone on internet poker creates what today is considered a fundamental step in the career of every player as well as a must for all professionals in the sector. Many thanks to BestNetEntCasino.info for support and consulting related to WSOP.

What is the World Series of Poker?

What is WSOP? It is the globe’s leading poker tournament series and is held annually in the city of Las Vegas, United States. The origins of the WSOP are to be found in the early seventies when the patron Ted Binion decided that American hold’em had reached a level and popularity such as to allow the organization of an international level event able to “test” the skill of several players in all major card disciplines.

Since the first WSOP started in 1970, Texas Hold’em seems to have become synonymous with this grand event in the hearts of gambling fans around the globe. If you think Texas Hold’em is WSOP all that would be wrong.

Over the years it has become increasingly popular with players from different countries, the WSOP tournament circuit owes much of its notoriety to the media exposure dedicated to the competition by one of the global giants in the world of television such as the American channel ESPN.

The Main Event

The WSOP Main Event 2020 used to be held offline. In the event of an epidemic this year, WSOP online poker tends to be as a hybrid system has been adopted to allow players who love the WSOP to still have the opportunity to participate in the grand WSOP host under various epidemic prevention restrictions.

During the competition, participants compete for the title, bonus, and gold bracelet of the “Worlds Poker Championship”. The WSOP Main Event will be held in two formats from November 29th to December 14th. The final two players will have a heads-up match at the Las Vegas-Rio Casino Hotel to determine the final winner.

There are also popular card games like:

  • Omaha;
  • Seven Card Stud;
  • Draw Games;
  • 5-Card Draw;
  • Lowball Draw;
  • Badugi;

The Freezeout Series

There are different types of tournaments, but during WSOP most competitions are freezeout. It means that players buy a certain chip package and keep using it during the whole tournament. They will not be able to buy more and there will not be free WSOP chips.

Head’ Up

Since the global series represents one of the “forbidden” dreams of all players, it seems appropriate to dwell on this point to explain what to do to participate in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

While there is always the possibility to fly to the capital of the game and sit at the table after having regularly purchased the buy-in for each individual tournament, most players always try to earn a seat at the table through one of the really many satellite tournaments punctually organized by all the most important on-line casino sites.