Auction for the right to blow up the Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City

Trump Plaza CasinoEven demolishing the casino building could serve to benefit the community. The Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, built by the current U.S. president, will soon be razed to the ground. But the establishment is set to benefit one last time. The municipal government has decided to hold an auction for the right to push the button that will bring down the building.  In the best online casinos Canada you can win large sums, but some players still prefer the real rooms.  

There will be a call for bids from December 17 to January 19, and after that the highest bidders will participate in the auction. The funds raised will go to the Boys and Girls Club of the City. The mayor of Atlantic City hopes they can raise at least $1 million for the privilege. The establishment has been out of business for years. It closed in 2014 due to low demand. Until today, it had a change of owner and the latter, according to the city, deliberately delayed liquidating the building. As a result, a lawsuit was even filed against the company. According to some reports, the building had become not only outwardly unattractive, but also dangerous to the public, as debris began to fall from it.