No-deposit bonuses in online casinos: how do you receive them?

Have you ever been thinking about the best no deposit casino bonuses? If you haven’t & you don’t even have a clue about what these are, this article is for you.

What is no-deposit bonus & why is it given?

No Deposit bonus It’s not a secret that new online casinos arrive every day, as this niche is highly competitive but also highly profitable for casino owners. They are ready to make the best websites, offer a tremendous choice of online games & cater to the needs of all audiences – from the poorest to the richest. But how to attract new customers? There is a job for bonuses.

Some casinos on the highly saturated & more conservative markets offer only deposit bonuses, that is, after you put real money on your gambling account. Some, on highly competitive & attractive developing markets, offer the latest no deposit casino bonuses, which may reach tremendous amounts. This is the reason you can find online a large span of offers – from a few dollars of no-deposit bonus to hundreds!

Basically, anyone can claim such Netent casino bonuses; there are only a few conditions to meet:

  • you have to be a completely new player, who has never registered before
  • you have to register, fulfilling all the required fields of the registration form
  • you have to claim your online casino no deposit bonus free spins Australia.

When considering the no-deposit bonus, you have to realize that there are several types of them – so to choose the one to your needs.


Types of no-deposit bonuses

No Deposit bonusThere are four most widespread types of no-deposit bonuses: roulette online free, free money on bonus account, free spins & time-limited free play. Let’s consider them all.

In roulette, you are given either some free money to make bets or a number of free spins.

When free money is given, they are credited into your bonus account & you should make bets using them – in the games that are prescribed for betting according to the rules of this bonus.

Free spins are usually attributed to pokies online – you spin as many times as you’re given, hoping to win big.

Time-limited play means that you have a pile of virtual money that you should bet during some very short time – like 30 or 60 minutes. After the time is exhausted, this money is nullified but everything you win because of this money is credited into your wager account, which you then have to win back according to wager rules.

What are conditions of no-deposit bonuses?

You may be questioning why any casino would give money or free spins to everyone just for a song? That’s not only a part of their marketing strategy to attract new customers (which, as they hope, will love the site & will submit some real money to play in the future) but also the chance to outrun other online casinos in their struggle for real live gamblers.

And the biggest fact is that no money is actually given just like that, you can’t withdraw it immediately after you receive it. Here’s when the rule of wagering comes into play.

The wager is the condition to bet a certain amount of money on specific games, within specific max & min bets, which are going then to be added to the total amount of bets, after reaching which you may withdraw any money left on your account. That is, for instance, receiving 100 bucks of no-deposit bonus with wager x50, it means that you have to bet 5,000 dollars. With an RTP rate of about 98%, for the sake of mathematical calculations, it means that you are going to lose nothing – but given that there is a chance to win large having reached some good-paid combination in a slot, roulette, or wherever you are going to play, it seems like ‘not-losing’ condition can really turn for you into a ‘winning’ one.